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Post  Admin on Tue Jan 29, 2008 7:57 pm

Okay. So Here's how the basic gameplay works:

To make a planet Habitable, just tell me on the list of worlds topic.

And then you can start to build a basic ecosystem(1 to 3 animal species, and some plant species).
Most of the species as a whole, you cannot really control. You control the actions of an individual of that species. Type what you want to do in your post, and the CPU + The Admin/players controlling other organisms/the environment will react.

Here are the main stats for your Animal:
Health, Gender, Age, Hunger, Mood, IQ, Speed, Strength

Every time you do something that benefits the species, you will gain 1 to 10 evolutionary points.
Here are the main things:
-Attacking/defending prey/own kind from predators
-Eating to a healthy Hunger Level(till your animal is full or not hungry)
-Living to be a certain age
-Becoming friends with another animal of the same species(depends on the animal)
-Sucessfully reproducing
-Befriending enough creatures to ally with that species

Every time you do something that hurts the species, you will lose 2 to 20 evolutionary points.
Here are the main things:
-Being Attacked/Injured
-Wasting Resources(Mainly eating too much)

Every time your animal reproduces, you are given the choice of editing your creature in some way. Depending on the animal and what changes you wish to make, it will cost you a certain amount of Evolutionary points.


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